Complete your Supervised ART over a video call in the comfort of your home.
Tests valid for Pre-Event Testing and Pre-Departure Testing.

Pre-Event Test

Valid For:

  • Nightlife Establishment
  • Cruise to Nowhere
  • Concerts

(Zoom Call)

S$8 Nett

Inclusive of 7% GST

Pre-Departure Test

Valid For:

  • Flights Outbound Singapore
  • Cruise Outbound Singapore
  • On-Arrival Test Requirements

S$8 Nett

Inclusive of 7% GST

Important Notice:
  • The service only includes the video consultation via Zoom Call (No App Installation required).
  • You will need to provide your own ART kits (must be Singapore HSA-approved or approved in country of testing).
  • Notarised documents will be provided after swab completion. (Approved by MOH)
  • For travelers doing their pre-departure/pre-travel test, please have your passport ready at the start of the call.
  • Result will be sent via email within 30 minutes after swab completion.
  • Strictly no refunds for any cancellations of appointments.
  • During peak periods, do expect a wait time of up to 15 minutes.
  • By booking an appointment, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Travellers not sure if you need for Tele-ART Swab Test? Kindly visit Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Supervised ART (Tele-ART) service allows you to carry out your supervised ART test by a trained swab supervisor over video consultation, instead of having to do one physically at a Quick Test Centre or in a clinic.

As of 5 April 2022, MOH has updated the regulations for pre-departure testing to include remote supervised ART for travellers travelling to Singapore.

In line with MOH’s Guidelines, our Tele-ART services are valid for tests in Singapore and overseas.

Each supervised ART consultation will last 30 minutes. This includes the 15 minutes required for the ART test kit to produce a valid result.

During this 15-minute waiting period, you are allowed to leave the view of the camera. However, your ART test kit must remain in view the entire time, until your results are verified by the swab supervisor.

Your ART test results will be sent over SMS/email within 30 minutes of your consultation. It will be sent by HPB, and will also be updated in your TraceTogether and HealthHub app.

For travellers doing their pre-departure test, you will also receive a pre-departure memo with an EU DCC-compatible QR code.