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We also offer comprehensive health screenings and doctor consultations for a wide range of medical conditions – providing you with the necessary care and support when you need it most!

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  • Statutory FDW/MDW Medical Check Up

  • LTA Medical Check Up

  • LTVP / PR / Student Pass Medical Check Up

  • WP Pass / S Pass / E Pass Medical Check Up

  • Tele-Medicine/Tele-Consultation

  • Food Allergy Test

  • Premium Health Screening

  • Home-based Health Screening

  • Staycation Health Screening

  • Vaccination

  • Covid-19 Services

  • Women’s Reproductive Health

What our patients say

SH Chan
SH Chan
Super fast and efficient. First visit here and very impressed with workflow and efficiency.
Danny Woo
Danny Woo
Overall service was good. Strongly encourage to make an appointment before visit to have a pleasant visit.
Shifu Lim
Shifu Lim
Best place for health body check up
Zayyanah Noorhilmi
Zayyanah Noorhilmi
All staff was really great customer service, really friendly starting from the frontdesk till the end of the checkup. Will repeat the yearly/montly checkup there
Amy Loo
Amy Loo
very good and efficient service. it only took me 20 mins to complete the registration, Xray and blood test. Thumbs up and thank you for your excellent service

Our Mission

To pursue transformative solutions that inspire change, unleash potentials, and empower communities

The Vision

To create a world where healthcare is driven by innovation, progress, and acommitment to positive change. We aim to be at the forefront of this transformation, delivering transformative solutions that empower individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing, and creating a brighter, healthier future for all.

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