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What is Health Screening?

There is a wide selection of packages available, ranging from a quick blood check up to a deep-dive comprehensive screening of all aspects of your health. This includes radiology scans. Before deciding on a package, one must be clear on where their concerns lie. A good way to go about is by monitoring your lifestyle and finding out what diseases run in your family. Moreover, there are also packages available to address specific health concerns, such as sexually transmitted disease screening or even cancer screening.

What must I consider before signing up for a Health Screening?

There are a number of conditions that can be detected by a health screening, which includes but not limited to:

  •       High blood pressure
  •       High cholesterol
  •       Diabetes,
  •       Thyroid diseases
  •       Bowel cancers
  •       Kidney disease
  •       Pre-cancerous changes in the cervix
  •       Early breast disease
  •       Prostate cancer
  •       Liver diseases
  •       Bone disorders

What illnesses can be detected through a Health Screening?

A health screening typically consists of history taking, physical examination, blood tests, and urine collection with or without scans. A detailed relevant personal and family history as well as lifestyle habits are taken followed by a full physical examination. The blood tests done will vary based on the packages picked. Based on the age and other risk factors, additional tests may be suggested.

What does a Health Screening involve?

We have designed multiple packages catering to different budgets, risk profiles and age groups. Apart from these, there are individual and bundle packages that can be added on to tailor to your needs.