Foreign Worker Health Screening

Kingston Medical Group provides various statutory medical check up / medical screening services for Work Permit (WP), Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), Permanent Residency (PR), Education, Insurance, Employment and Pre Employment and Visas at an affordable rate. Some of these tests are mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA). Our clinic has experience performing these statutory tests and is able to handle the necessary paperwork with ease.

Our health screening centre is also equipped with Chest-Xray, Mammogram and Ultrasound imaging capabilities, thus making this a one-stop centre for your body check up and tests.

Our clinic is conveniently located in the East at 250 Sims Avenue, and just a 3-minute walk from Aljunied MRT station.

If you require any assistance, kindly WhatsApp / call us at 88612877 or email us at We will be more than happy to assist you.

Important Information

It is important for you to visit our clinic along with all the essential documents needed for verification and registration comprising Passport, Work Pass, MOM In-Principle Approval (IPA).

For clients who want to collect the medical report on the same day of the visit, the time for a medical check up is 8:00am – 9:30am and the time for collecting your medical report is 5:00pm. There will be additional charges for reports needed on the same day.

You can always contact us to know about the pricing of the various medical check up here.

Walk-In Prices


Foreign Domestic Helper (FDW) Check-Up Walk-In Price*
Urine Pregnancy Test & VDRL S$35.00
Urine Pregnancy Test, VDRL & HIV S$45.00
Urine Pregnancy Test, VDRL, HIV & Chest X-Ray S$60.00
Pre-Employment Walk-In Price*
Pre-Employment Screening includes Vision Test, Chest X-Ray & Urine Test S$75.00
Pre-Employment Screening includes Vision Test, Chest X-Ray, Urine Test, Blood Test (Fasting Glucose, Full Cholesterol Test & Full Blood Count) & ECG S$90.00


S Pass / Permanent Residency (PR) / Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) New or Renewal Application Walk-In Price*
Clinical Examination & HIV S$35.00
Clinical Examination, Chest X-Ray & HIV S$65.00


Work Permit (WP) [Renewal] Walk-In Price*
Clinical Examination & HIV S$35.00
Clinical Examination, Chest X-Ray & HIV S$65.00


Work Permit (WP) [New Application] Walk-In Price*
Clinical Examination & Certification, Urine Test, VDRL, HIV, MP, Chest X-Ray
Clinical Examination & Certification, Urine Test, VDRL, HIV, MP, ECG (THAI)
Clinical Examination & Certification, Urine Test (includes Urine Pregnancy Test), VDRL, HIV, MP, Chest X-Ray


Education Walk-In Price*
Entrance to polytechnics, local or overseas universities Enquire with us through WhatsApp


Vocational Driving Licence Application Walk-In Price*
Land Transport Authority (LTA) Licence A
Consultation, Visual Acuity & Chest X-Ray
Land Transport Authority (LTA) Licence B
Consultation & Visual Acuity

*Prices are subject to prevailing GST.

For corporate pricing, kindly email us at

How long does it take:

  1. On average, most of our clients finish their tests within 30 to 60 minutes during off peak hours. You may also enquire about the best appointment time for the least waiting time.
  2. You should receive your reports within 24 hours through email. You may also opt to collect the report personally at our clinic.

Corporate Medical Check Ups

We look forward to working with organizations to arrange corporate screenings or corporate billing for your employees’ checkup. Please email us at for more information.