Welcome to Kingston Medical Group

Founded in 2017, Kingston Medical Group is a leading healthcare provider that provides a platform for Health Screening for foreign workers. With an extensive network of 300+ corporate clients, Kingston has partnered with established and reputable partners in the Asia Pacific Region. We aim to harness our network and resources to provide a comprehensive, convenient and accessible healthcare service globally.

Our Covid-19 Response

In times of adversity, our actions define us and what we can do for the betterment of the community in Singapore.

Kingston realizes a need to keep evolving our services according to the pandemic situation and has provided services that shapes all industries to transit into an endemic state. Kingston has since deployed more than 300 staff, to help the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include managing onsite medical swab stations at big purpose-built dormitories, operating covid management facilities to kickstart the largest events in Singapore, helming swabbing and serology test mass screening exercises. Our agility and expertise in infectious disease management, knowledge in public health management and digital capabilities, have allowed swift deployment and allow various industries to gain confidence to operate safely.

Our COVID-19 Response Efforts in Singapore at a Glance

Medical and Admin Staff Deployed
Special Local Operations
National Event Projects
Projects Nationwide
Dormitories & Sites Managed
Migrant Workers Cared for


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